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Karthi’s next reaches first step today

For every movie’s success, there has to be a success with Music. Karthi’s ‘Komban’ is facing its first test today as the movie’s audio is releasing today. Posters have struck all over the city and Studio Green have already began the promotions. The movie is said to have four main tracks and a theme music titled ‘A Celebration’. GV Prakash has composed music.

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Vishal and GV Prakash reaches landmark figures

Vishal’s ‘Aambala’ under Sundar.C direction and GV Prakash’s debut venture ‘Darling’ have successfully reached milestone of 50 days today. Despite the movie running in meagre screens, considering today’s mindset this is a big achievement for these two movies. ‘Darling’ is already a remake of telugu movie, whilest ‘Aambala’ recently had a telugu dubbed release too.

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